At Lallier Honda 40/640, we offer all our customers a body repair service. Had an accident or fender bender? Our service takes care of everything needed to restore your vehicle to its original beauty. Lallier Honda 40/640’s auto body repair shop, under the CarrXpert banner, is here for you and your vehicle when bad luck strikes.

Since the experts at CarrXpert’s auto body repair centre know that nobody is safe from an accident, they make every effort to provide customers with the best post-accident service. From the moment a call is received, our staff will take care of everything. While independent repair shops have no real accountability to the customer, the CarrXpert auto body service network is the largest in the province with over 400 members, so we’re able to commit to a strict code of professional ethics to ensure quality customer service.

We also strictly follow manufacturer standards, which is why at our shop in Repentigny, we’re proud to say we use 99% genuine Honda parts, so you can rest assured that the parts we install will be working for your vehicle, not against it! We also offer a 24-hour towing service, so no matter when bad luck strikes, we can be there to help. Finally, repairs we perform are guaranteed for life, so you can rest assured that we know what we’re doing – when we fix your vehicle, we make sure it will last!


Still not convinced? Here are even more great reasons to trust Lallier Honda 40/640 when it comes to auto body repair for your Honda vehicle!

  • Personalized and courteous service
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • The workshop meets all work health and safety standards
  • Service loaner available on request
  • High-tech equipment for high quality work
  • Linked to insurance companies for quick and easy claims
  • Lifetime warranty on paint services
  • Continuity of the manufacturer's warranty
  • Installation of 99% of Honda parts
  • For us, the customer is always number 1!

So what are you waiting for? Come and visit Lallier Honda 40/640’s CarrXpert auto body repair shop today! For more information about this and other services offered at our dealership in Repentigny near Montreal, give us a call today at 1 855 296-2138. You can also use our online contact form, and one of our representatives will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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